When one procedure is not enough

Sometimes, before starting a repair procedure, you need to carry out another in preparation. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) often provide a list of parts that need to be removed or other procedures that need to be performed first.

For example, replacing a quarter panel may require ensuring that other parts, like bumper covers, adjacent panels, one-time use parts, or outer trim panels, are removed. This may require researching the steps of each individual procedure, not just looking at the panel replacement procedure.

You will also need to find the relevant information about corrosion protection, adhesives, seam sealers and fastener specifications that are required for the panel replacement. This may also require further research if that information is not included in the panel replacement procedure specifications.

Taking the time to understand the OEM instructions for how each procedure needs to be carried out before beginning will help ensure a complete, safe and quality repair. I-CAR Canada’s “Using Vehicle Maker Repair Procedures” provides the insights you need to help plan your repairs. Find it in the I-CAR Canada course catalog.