Tool organization: Everything in its place

Having easy access to the right tool at the right time helps make the repair process more successful and your shop more productive. 

A well-organized shop layout and shared tool and equipment management is something every repair facility needs. But it is equally important for individual technicians to maintain their personal tools organized and easy to find. 

There is no “correct” way to organize tools, but an essential part of any method is having a system for storing tools. Whatever system a technician chooses, it has to work for them in order for them to follow it.  

When a system is not followed, there is a chance tools will just end up in jumbled pile. And while a technician may claim they know where everything is, they are likely to spend an unnecessary amount of time sifting through their tools to find the one they need. 

A tool cart – as opposed to a large toolbox – is used by many technicians to carry/organize their most used tools or the ones needed for a particular repair. This minimizes the amount of time spent travelling back and forth between their main toolbox and the vehicle they are working on and promotes the use of the right tool for the job, rather than making do with whatever is closest. 

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