Is winter weather getting in the way of repairs? 

November and December are the worst months for collisions in Canada, thanks to a combination of poor road conditions and longer nights. But while winter weather may boost the amount of business at Canadian collision repair shops, it can also make some procedures more difficult to carry out.  

Vehicles with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) may need to have these systems calibrated as part of the collision repair process. And while many of these calibrations can be done in the shop while the vehicle is not in motion (static calibrations), some may require dynamic procedures that require the car to be driven out on the road. 

Dynamic calibrations have specific weather and road condition requirements, and this is where winter weather can get in the way of completing a repair. Snow and ice can block ADAS sensors and cameras or obscure the lane markings the sensors need to detect. Even on a sunny day, the glare from ice and snow can blind the camera.  

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