I-CAR Canada announces free upgrading

Ottawa, Ontario – April 15, 2020 – Recognizing the current difficulties facing the collision repair industry across Canada, I-CAR Canada has announced that it will offer free courses focused on shop management and vehicle technology.

Between now and the end of June, the following courses will be available at no cost:

  • PM215E01: Improving Your Shop’s Cycle Time
  • PM220E01 Gaining Efficiencies through Blueprinting
  • PM235E01 Understanding Your Part in Profit and Loss
  • PM240E01: Building Effective Vendor and Insurer Relationships
  • VT245E01: Using Vehicle Maker Repair Procedures

To register for these courses, please log in at

(Note that these courses are available in English only.)


About I-CAR® Canada
I-CAR Canada is a training and recognition program, run by the Automotive Industries Association of Canada, aimed at skills updating for the collision repair industry. I-CAR training has been available in Canada since 1978 and has been operated by AIA Canada since 2010. Training is available in both official languages and in live class and distance learning formats. For information on upcoming training and other professional development opportunities, check out

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