Curbside Chat: A how-to on ensuring safe repairs in today’s evolving collision landscape 

Season five of AIA Canada’s vodcast, Curbside Chat, debuts with an invigorating discussion focused on collision repair and the indispensable role of continuous collision training. In the ever-evolving landscape of vehicle technology, marked by its escalating complexity and rapid expansion, the need for standardized continuous collision training has become more critical than ever. 

As vehicle technology advances, from electric vehicles (EVs) to advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), the demand for skilled collision repair technicians equipped with up-to-date knowledge and techniques is vital. Without a steadfast standard guiding Canada’s collision repair industry, the integrity of repairs stands vulnerable, posing potential risks to the safety of both repair professionals and vehicle owners alike. 

Tune into this episode of Curbside Chat, hosted by Lorraine Sommerfeld, experienced automotive journalist, who is joined by Nick Dominato, director of product management at I-CAR, and Stuart Klein, vice president of collision programs at AIA Canada, as they dive into the intricacies of collision repair, the latest advancements, the need for standardized training, and what is currently being done to ensure safe and quality collision repairs in Canada. 

About Curbside Chat 

Curbside Chat is a video podcast series that provides auto care industry professionals a forum to speak about the issues important to the Canadian auto care industry with the people who make things happen. Watch now.