A path for continuous learning and promoting inclusivity: Rosallie Papa-Reid 

As part of International Women’s Day 2024, AIA Canada is recognizing women from across the auto care industry, highlighting their experiences, achievements, and success in their careers. Throughout her career, Rosallie Papa-Reid has championed women in the industry, promoted inclusivity, and aims to show why working in the auto care industry is so rewarding. 

Rosallie Papa-Reid, vice president of national auto physical damage claims, Aviva Canada,

Vice President of National Auto Physical Damage Claims at Aviva Canada, Rosallie Papa-Reid, has always welcomed the next challenge in her career. In 1998, Rosallie obtained a degree in Kinesiology and Health Science with the goal of working in the healthcare industry with her innate ability to help and connect with people.  

One day while assisting a patient with insurance paperwork, Rosallie was intrigued by the intricacies of the healthcare system beyond the walls of the clinic. Soon after, she found herself working a contract job at an insurance company. This newfound curiosity sparked a desire for learning and a passion for making a difference on a larger scale and in a different market, but with the same goal: helping people. 

Rosallie’s unique perspective and ability to understand the needs of patients and providers allowed her to quickly prove herself to be a valuable asset to the insurance market at the time. She excelled in navigating the complexities of insurance policies and advocating for the best interest of her customers by removing barriers and making processes easier. 

Being recognized for her work, Rosallie leads high-profile projects, some of which include a research study with world-renowned researchers on the best treatment for whiplash, as well as participating in regulatory industry forums and government working groups. 

Soon after, Rosallie was appointed to Vice President of Accident Benefits at Aviva Canada, where she spent the next five leaders leading her team. 

Ready for the next challenge in her career, Rosallie was given the opportunity to lead the Auto Physical Damage Claims team across Canada in 2023. 

“With the lack of experience and knowledge in the auto industry, I quickly realized that navigating the male-dominated landscape of the auto industry was no easy feat. Fortunately, the experience of spending time in auto body shops, understanding the supply chain barriers, building strong partnerships with vendors, and having a knowledgeable leadership team helped move things rapidly.” says Papa-Reid. 

This International Women’s Day, Rosallie is thankful and cannot commend Aviva enough. “I am thankful that my employer has been at the forefront of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), championing women in insurance, and investing in us. Aviva first achieved 50 per cent women at the VP+ level in 2020, with about 35 per cent visible minorities in these roles—myself included.” 

Rosallie says that it is key to give women in the industry training and leadership opportunities, and more importantly, having confidence in its people. 

Rosallie’s journey has only just begun, and her plan is to continue to revolutionize the insurance industry and inspire others to challenge the status quo. 

About Rosallie Papa-Reid 

Rosallie Papa-Reid has over 15 years of experience in the insurance industry and is currently the Vice President of National Auto Physical Damage Claims at Aviva Canada. In her career, Rosallie has led several high-profile projects and played an important role in the implementation of the Women in Leadership program across four distinct cohorts.